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Washington Park Neighbors seek to provide audiences from the neighborhoods surrounding Washington Park with the opportunity to experience a wide variety of cultural entertainment through its quality and diverse programming in a historical venue on the West Side of Milwaukee.


The park’s designer, landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, believed that open space in nature promotes health and well-being. He created Washington Park with the intention of improving society by encouraging varying urban demographics to gather in a natural setting. Today, Washington Park still feeds the energy of four strong communities - Washington Heights, Walnut Hill, Martin Drive, and Sherman Park.



These bordering neighborhoods know the ongoing traditions of concerts, church gatherings, dance performances, farmers' markets, lively events, and family celebrations that fill our park and help maintain the momentum started by Olmsted. We are also lucky enough to have the Urban Ecology Center at the northeastern end of the park which remains fundamental in strengthening and growing our community and connecting it with the rest of the city. The goal of WPN’s Washington Park Wednesdays Summer Concert Series is to both broaden the scope of attendees to the park and the West Side of Milwaukee, as well as to bring access to the rich cultural fabric of Milwaukee as a whole to the residents surrounding the park.


Beginning in July, Washington Park Neighbors presents Washington Park Wednesdays! With established and emerging local and visiting musicians, the latest and greatest food trucks, and a plethora of engaging activities, Wednesdays never had it so good. We will return this year with our popular theme nights curated to showcase and combine a diverse spectrum of music, art, and fun through outstanding regional talent. We will also be using these themes to garner some focus to needs and interests of the city’s youth and at-risk population. We truly believe that art in all its forms presented in an aesthetic and historical setting at no cost to the public can provide a sea change in our city and in our society.

Innovative local bands, Milwaukee's finest food trucks, and activities sure to energize and entertain fill the park each Wednesday.  Theme nights promise diverse combinations of music, art, and fun with outstanding regional talent.

In 2023, we are excited to be back with a regular season. Our first concert starts on July 12th. Happy hour begins at 5 pm, and bands begin at 6 pm, with family activities and giveaways running throughout the entire evening.  Join us for cutting-edge music, dance, and art where neighborhoods and community come together — wonderful Washington Park! 

Our Board

President: Melissa Muller, Grant Consultant, Artist, Community Organizer

Vice President: Jane Konkel, Teacher, Artist,  Community Organizer

Treasurer: Brenda Simonis, Director Of Food And Beverage at The Pfister Hotel

Secretary: Rachel Neal, Educator, GE Healthcare



Kate Schwartz, Arts Manager, Community Organizer, TankThink

Molly Howard, General Manager, School of Rock

Catherine Thisted, Executive Director, JP Morgan

Derrick Cainion, Owner Arts Intersection MKE

Advisors to the board:

Lamont Smith, Health Cities Program, The Nature Conservancy

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